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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Quick Start

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To starting using Duplicate File Detective quickly, please use the following 5 simple steps:


1.Click the Project Wizard button located in the Home section of the application Ribbon Bar. You will be asked to choose a File Matching method. Use the default (Checksum Scan) and click the Next button.

2.The Project Wizard will ask you to specify which drives or folders you would like to scan. For now, select "My Documents" from the listing on the right and click the blue right arrow button to move "My Documents" to the list of directories to scan. Click the Next button again.

3.The Project Wizard will ask you to specify which types of files you would like to scan. For now, just accept the default file matching pattern (*.*) and click the Next button.

4.The Project Wizard allows you to specify which columns will appear in the final duplicate search results report. Again, accept the defaults for now and click Next.

5.Finally, the Project Wizard will tell you that it's ready to start. Click the Finish button, and the duplicate search process will begin.


Once the duplicate search process completes, you'll be presented with a report of duplicate files found. The remaining sections of this help file describe how to mark and process those duplicates.


Tip: You certainly don't have to use the Project Wizard if you're prefer not to. The remainder of this help file will show you everything you need to know to configure a project manually.