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About Search Filtering

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Duplicate File Detective uses Search Filtering to determine which file system objects should be subject to the duplicate comparison process. When a Duplicate File Detective project is run, each file is compared against the current search filter criteria - if the file doesn't matched, then it is excluded from the duplicate comparison process.


Search Filtering settings are accessed through the docking panel visible to the right of the Duplicate File Detective user interface (by default). If the panel is not visible, click the View menu and select the Search Filtering menu item.


There are four main search filter criteria types, which are further discussed in other parts of this guide.


Filename masks - Compare only the file names and types in which you're interested.

File dates - Compare only files of a certain age.

File sizes - Compare only files of a certain size.

File name lengths - Compare only files with certain name lengths.

Advanced options - Advanced file scanning / comparison options.


Each of these filter criteria types is contained within its section within the Search Filtering docking panel. Clicking the header text for any section will cause its contents to be expanded or collapsed.


Tip: Whenever possible, use Search Filtering settings to narrow down the number of files that are compared for duplication. Doing so will increase the speed of the duplicate comparison process.