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File Properties

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The File Properties docking panel appears, by default, at the lower left of the main Duplicate File Detective user interface.


To show properties for a file, simply select it in the duplicate report results listing. The File Properties panel will be updated to reflect the properties of the currently selected file.


If multiple duplicate files are displayed, the File Properties panel will show summary metrics for all selections. It will also show properties they have in common.


A sampling of information available:


General - Name, full path, and other basic file information.

Size - File size information.

Date & Time - Shows all date / time file attributes.

Path Length - The name of the selected file's name length (and full path length).

Attributes - Shows attributes that apply to this file (e.g. read-only, hidden, etc.).

Version - Shows file version information (appears only for executable file types).

Audio Tags - Shows audio tag fields (for supported audio file formats).


The File Properties docking panel also offers several functions via its integrated toolbar:


Save - Writes a copy of the file properties to a text file in the location of your choosing.

Copy - Places a textual representation of the file properties on the Windows clipboard.

Categorize - Breaks down file property data into a series of logical categories.

Alphabetize - Shows file property data in alphabetical order.


Information displayed within the File Properties docking window is read-only.