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Duplicate File Detective Help

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File Types Detail

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The File Types report view shows the distribution of scanned files (including duplicates) across various file types. Available columns include:


File type - The type of file in question (e.g. GIF Image).

Extension - The associated file extension (e.g. .gif).

File Count - The number of files of this type encountered during searching.

File Space - The total space consumed by all files of specified type.

Dup Count - The number of duplicates of this type found.

Dup Space - The total space consumed by duplicate files of specified type.

% Dup Space - Percentage of space (for specified file type) consumed by duplicates.


Note: When importing duplicate results from an existing XML export file, the file and duplicate count / space metrics will be equivalent to one another (and the % Dup Space metric will be 100%). This is because duplicate file data exports don't contain any non-duplicate file records.


Toolbar Functions


Print - Print the file types report.

Save - Output the file types report data as comma separated values (e.g. CSV format).

Show all - Shows all file types encountered during duplicate scanning, even if no duplicates were found (by default, only file types for which duplicates were found are shown).


Context Menu Functions


You can right-click on any file type row and either mark report entries and:


Mark report entries of this type - Causes all associated file entries in the main application report view to be marked (the check box for the file will be checked).

Filter report view by this type - Implements a main application report view filter in the form of *.ext (only file of the associated type are shown in the main report view).