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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Search Logging

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Duplicate File Detective can log various details about duplicate file search operations to the file system.


This logging facility was designed to assist users in understanding and/or troubleshooting duplicate search processes and results. It should be used only as needed, and otherwise left disabled (please see addition comments below).


Events to Log


File found - Logs the path of files found by initial search pass.

File skipped - Logs the path of files skipped during initial search pass. Includes information about why each file was skipped.

Folder scanned - Logs the path of each folder searched.

Folder skipped - Logs the path of each folder skipped. Includes information about why each folder was skipped.

File compared - Logs full path of comparison candidates. Includes a description of the file comparison result.


Important: Use of logging can degrade performance and consume large amounts of disk space. Logging should be enabled only for short durations in support of troubleshooting operations or analysis. Log files are written in CSV file format to the logging directory specified, and are overwritten between project runs (even when logging is disabled).


Log File Directory


Allows users to configure where log files are created and stored.