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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Managing Projects

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Duplicate File Detective projects are managed (created, opened, and executed) through a range of commands accessible via the application Ribbon Bar or File button menu. These include:


Project Wizard - Used to quickly create and launch a new Duplicate File Detective project. This is a great way to get started quickly.

New Project - Used to create a new project with default search folders, exclusions (excluded folders), and other project settings. The project can then be modified in whatever way suits your needs.

Open Project - Allows you to open an existing project file (e.g. "my-project.dfd").

Save Project - Used to save the active project. This Ribbon Bar button will appear "enabled" only when unsaved changes to the current project are pending.

Start Search - Used to execute the currently defined duplicate search project.


Tip: You can also load projects by double-clicking on a project filename (a file with a .dfd extension) from outside of Duplicate File Detective (from Windows explorer, for example).



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