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New Projects

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When a new project is created within Duplicate File Detective, a default set of search and exclusion paths are added to the project.


Default Search Paths


Add fixed disk drives - Enabled by default.

Add remote (mapped) drives - Disabled by default.

Add removable drives - Disabled by default.


Default Exclusions


Exclude Windows folder - Where operating system and other critical files are kept (e.g. C:\windows).

Exclude Program Files folder - Where installed programs and their supportive files reside.

Exclude Common Program Files folder - As above, only for all users.

Exclude Windows System folder - The Windows system folder (e.g. C:\Windows\System).

Exclude Temporary files folder - Temporary folder location, as determined by environment variables or current user profile.

Exclude Temporary Internet files folder - The directory in which Internet Explorer places temporary files.


All of the above exclusions are enabled by default.


Note: On 64-bit systems, certain 32-bit path counterparts will also be excluded based upon the choices made above. For example, excluding the "Program Files" folder on a

64-bit system will also result in the exclusion of the "Program Files (x86)" folder, which Windows uses to transparently support the execution of 32-bit applications.