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Duplicate File Detective supports a concept known as SmartMark, allowing users to mark duplicate files using specific patterns. Marked duplicate files are then eligible for additional processing (e.g. moving, deleting, or zipping).


To use the SmartMark facility, click the SmartMark button in the application Ribbon Bar. A pop-up menu will appear, providing access to a number of duplicate file marking options, grouped as follows:


Mark by Position

Mark by Path

Mark by Age

Mark by Size

Mark by Name Length

Mark by Music Tag


Each of the above groups has multiple child options, each of which are fairly self-explanatory. Feel free to experiment with these functions to see how they operate.


Important: SmartMark operations are cumulative - meaning each operation retains the markings of any previous operations you select. If you wish to clear current markings at any time, use the Clear All Markers button in the ribbon bar.


There's also an "Ensure One Unmarked File per Duplicate Group" option in the SmartMark menu. Toggling this on will ensure that any SmartMark option leaves at least one unmarked file per duplicate group.


Important: In addition to the SmartMark capabilities outlined above, you will find additional SmartMark features by right-clicking on duplicate files in the duplicate file report.


Tip: Some SmartMark functions may not be applicable to certain duplicate file groups. For example, if all the files within a duplicate group have the same date / time stamp, the "oldest" and "newest" smart marking option will have no effect on that group.



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