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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Task Scheduler

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Duplicate File Detective offers a built-in task scheduler that allows you to produce duplicate file reports on a deferred or recurring basis.


The Task Scheduler window offers a range of task management functions:


New Task - Creates a new scheduled task

Edit - Edits the currently selected task

Run - Runs the currently selected task

Delete - Removes the currently scheduled task

Refresh - Updates the scheduled task listing


Task Editor


Creating a new task or editing an existing one will provide you access to the task editor, which has the following inputs:


Project file path - Enter the fully qualified path to an existing Duplicate File Detective project file (.dfd file).

Export path - Enter a fully qualified file export path. The file extension will determine the file type (.html, .csv,, .xml, .pdf, and .xlsx are supported).

Save logged events to - Enter a fully qualified log file path with a .txt file extension (e.g. "c:\projects\events.txt").

Load program settings - Enter the fully qualified path to a program options file that was previously saved from within Duplicate File Detective (e.g. "c:\projects\my_options.dat"). See About Settings for details on saving program options.

Email export file to recipients - Enter one or more recipient email addresses (separated by commas). Requires valid email configuration.


More Options:


Append date/time to export file name - Useful for keeping keep export file names unique.

Exit program when task completes - Closes the program after the scheduled task completes.