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Once Duplicate File Detective has finished generating the results of a duplicate file search, the Export button in the Results Processing section of the application Ribbon Bar  will be enabled.


Duplicate result reports can be exported in three different formats:


HTML - HyperText Markup Language. This option also copies the "style.css" cascading style sheet file from the "template" sub-folder if your Duplicate File Detective installation directory to the file export target path (and links it to the generated HTML file). You can customize the appearance of HTML exports by modifying the "style.css" template file (knowledge of CSS syntax required).

CSV - Comma Separated Values. The resulting report can be opened directly within most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel.

PDF - Portable Document Format. Provides an excellent, consolidated document that is easy to print and share. Recommended for small to medium sized duplicate search result sets.

Excel - Exports directly to MS Excel file format, without needing the product to be installed. This export process is memory intensive, and therefore best suited to exporting smaller amounts of data.

XML - eXtensible Markup Language, consumable by a large array of third-party applications. Reports exported in XML format can be re-imported later. Note that XML export files also contain duplicate report summary data (such as report run time, files scanned, etc.) so that the Summary Report function will work correctly when data is re-imported.


You can also select precisely which duplicate file report columns you wish to export (applies to CSV and HTML exports). Check the box adjacent to the name of each column you wish to include in the export file. Importantly, when exporting duplicate search results in XML file format, all column data is exported (regardless of what column selections you make). This behavior is necessary in order to support duplicate search result importing.


Other export options:


Open report after generation completes - Will attempt to open the target file once the export process has completed. Note that processes uses the default Windows operating system file association.

Warn if target file path already exists - When this setting is disabled, the export target file will always be overwritten, without prompting.

Close this window when export completes - Close the export window when the export process completes.

Merge CSS template into HTML export file - Merges the contents of the CSS export template directly into the HTML export file. When disabled, the CSS file will be placed adjacent the HTML file and linked to it.


To export a duplicate results report, simply select the export format, provide a destination file path, and click the Export button.


Note: Report export capabilities are also accessible through the command line interface.



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