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Summary Report

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The duplicate file Summary Report is designed to give you a quick snapshot of search results. The summary report is accessed through the Results Processing section of the application Ribbon Bar.


The report contains the following information:


Report date/time - The date and time that report generation completed.

Search paths - Listing of paths searched for duplicates.

Excluded paths - Listing of excluded paths, if any.

Report run elapsed time - The amount of time required to generate the duplicate file report.

Duplicate files - Count of duplicate files found, based upon project search filter criteria.

Files scanned - The number of files actually scanned, based upon project filter criteria.

Files skipped - Number of files skipped, based upon project filter criteria.

Folders scanned - Number of folders scanned.

Folders skipped - Number of folders skipped.


If an entire folder is skipped during scanned (perhaps because it was directly excluded, or indirectly through filter options), the files it contains will not be counted as "skipped" files. Skipped files are only those directly encountered during the initial file system scan, but not used for duplicate file comparison purposes for some reason (e.g. filter criteria settings, etc.).


Note that the contents of the summary report window will be restored when XML data files are imported.


The summary window also provides an option to automatically show itself whenever a duplicate scan (or import) completes. You'll find a checkbox for controlling this option on the Summary Report window itself.