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The Preview docking panel allows users to preview the contents of supported multimedia and document files.


The Preview window hosts several discrete components:


1.An image viewer, capable of displaying BMP, EMF, GIF, ICO, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and WMF image files.

2.An embedded instance of Windows Media Player, which is capable of playing a broad range of audio and video file formats.

3.A simple, line-based partial text preview control.

4.A simple, first-page PDF document preview.


To preview a supported file, select it within the main report detail view. If the file format is supported, it will be loaded and displayed (in the case of images) or initialized for playback (in the case of audio or video files).


Important: Because the Preview window embeds an instance of Windows Media Player, supported audio / video file formats will depend upon which version of Windows Media Player (and associated codecs) you have installed. If you have explicitly uninstalled Windows Media Player from your system, the associated audio and video preview will not be available.


Note: The Preview window will not attempt to open files with a size greater than that defined in the advanced tab of the settings window.


If the Media Preview window cannot provide a preview of a file (for any reason), it will instead show the file's Windows shell icon.