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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Result Filtering

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Duplicate search report results can be filtered, so that you see only a specific set of duplicate files that match the specified filter text.


Once the duplicate search process completes (or results are imported), the Results Filtering section of the application ribbon bar (contained with the View tab) will become enabled.


To filter the on-screen duplicate results, type some text into the filter input box and press enter (or select a previously used entry, if applicable, using the adjacent drop arrow). The duplicate results report will be updated to show only entries that contain the filter text you entered.


By default, the filter text entered in the step above will be compared to the filenames of the duplicates in the search results report. But you can elect to filter by other duplicate file properties as well (such as folder, extension, owner, etc.). Use the drop-down box adjacent the filter input box to choose how filtering will be applied.


Filtering also offers two separate modes of operation, one that shows duplicate file group siblings and another that does not. Use the Filter Mode button to choose which mode you prefer.


Click the Clear button in the Results Filtering section of the application Ribbon Bar (in the View tab) to remove the currently applied filter.