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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Result Report

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The Duplicate File Detective result report provides a group-based listing of duplicate files found on the scanned file system(s).


The result report has a number of powerful features, including:


Exporting - Export the duplicate file report in a range of formats, include XML (which can be re-imported).

Printing - Printing, print preview, and printer setup.

Groups - Duplicate files are separated into groups to facilitate comparison and management.

Sorting - Sort duplicate files (and groups) by any search result report column.

Context menu - Right-click to access numerous file and group level functions.

Customization capabilities - Used to make the duplicate report work the way you want.

File marking - Used to mark files for further processing.

Moving, Zipping & Deleting - Built-in duplicate file processing assistance.


Click one of the links above to further explore the capabilities of the Duplicate File Detective result report window.


Note: Many aspects of the duplicate results report display can be customized. See the Customization section of this help file for additional information.



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