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Duplicate File Detective Help

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Managing File Groups

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Clicking the Presets button within the File Names section of the Search Filtering docking panel will reveal the File Groups selection window. Double-clicking any entry in this list will select it for use.


You can also manage these preset values by clicking the Manage button within the File Groups window. Doing so will reveal a window through which you can add, edit, and delete file groups.


To add a new type group, fill in the group name and file name mask fields, then click the OK button. To edit an existing entry, select it and click Edit. Finally, you can delete an entry by selecting it in the list and clicking the Delete button.


Important: Some file groups are built-in, in which case they are required for normal product operations. The File Group Manager window will not allow built-in entries to be removed. However, the file name masks associated with built-in entries may be edited. You are also free to delete any new file group entries that you add yourself.


Clicking the Save button at the bottom of the screen will cause your changes to be committed. If you cancel rather than save, your edits will be discarded.