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Duplicate File Detective Help

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The general tab offers access to a range of settings that affect the general behavior of Duplicate File Detective.




Start with a blank project - Always start up with a blank project.

Re-open last project - Each time the program starts, re-load the last project that you worked with. This is the default.

Open the following project - When the program starts, open the specified project file.


General Options


Follow file system linkages - Causes file system scanning to traverse symbolic links, mount points and directory junctions. Disabled by default.

Enable typing auto-complete within application drop-down boxes - Enabling this switch allows the system to automatically complete text being entered into various drop-down combo boxes used throughout the system. Enabled by default.

When filtering duplicate search results, show siblings of matching items - When enabled, filtering items within the duplicate search result view will also cause all members of the same duplicate file group to be shown.

Show top N file types in file type graphs - Indicates how many "Top N" graph items should be displayed within the File Types views. Default value is 10.


Prompts & Notifications


Never ask if changes to the current project should be saved - Whenever a project is closed (e.g. when shutting down Duplicate File Detective or starting a new project), you'll be prompted to save any unsaved changes. Use this setting to avoid such prompts. Disabled by default.

Show desktop notification window when duplicate scan completes - Causes a small notification window to appear in the corner of the Windows desktop when a duplicate scan completes. Notifications are never shown if the current duplicate file scan is canceled by the user.

oOnly if one or more errors occur during scanning - Causes the notification window mentioned above to appear only if errors occurred during the duplicate file scanning process.

Show warning when result report filtering is applied through indirect means - Some right-click menu functions may apply filtering to the current duplicate search result view. When this option is enabled, users will be notified when such filtering has been applied.

When saving projects, warn the user that search results won't be included - Shows a notice (when saving projects) indicating that report data isn't saved together with project defintion (.dfd) files.

Warn about search path conflicts - If this option is disabled, you'll no longer be notified when search path conflicts exist in your project. Rather, search paths will be normalized and de-duplicated automatically when the project is executed.