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Duplicate File Detective Help

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The Protection tab within the Global Preferences window provides an additional layer of safety to duplicate file management operations executed through Duplicate File Detective.




Duplicate File Detective provides additional protection by warning you if you're about to move or delete a file that violates certain safety constraints. For example, if you produce a duplicate file report, mark one or more duplicate files, and then click the Delete button in the Results Processing section of the application Ribbon Bar, the resulting Duplicate Result Manager window will use the Protection options to determine whether or not you're doing something potentially unsafe.


Each of the protection warning options available are fairly self-explanatory.


Such warnings, if applicable, will be issued after you click the Go button in the Duplicate Result Manager window.


Protected File Types


Protected file types are represented by an editable list of file extensions, each of which represents a file type that probably should not be manipulated by any duplicate file management process.


Note: By default, the file name matching section of the Search Filtering panel will exclude protected file types from duplicate file search operations. Disable the appropriate switch if you wish to search for duplicates of these file types.