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Duplicate File Detective Help

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File Attribute Colors


Individual file entries in the duplicate results report window are color-coded according to their file attributes. For example, by default compressed files are displayed in blue and system files are displayed in maroon.


Here, you can change the colors used to display normal, compressed, hidden, read-only, or system files.


Note: When a file has multiple attributes that would affect the display color, the first matching color (in the order specified above) is used. To see all the attributes that apply to a specific file, simply select the file in the report list and refer to the File Properties docking panel.


Search Results Report


Show filename of marked items with strike-through font - When enabled, any marked report item filenames will be displayed with a line drawn through them.

Set the color of marked duplicate search result report items - Allows you to choose a text color for marked detail view items.

Lighten the color of marked item rows - When enabled, the color of any marked report items will appear lighter than those that are unmarked. You can also choose the percentage of lightening to apply.

Show time (along with date) in date-based report columns - Shows both date and time in date report fields such as "last modified", "created", and "last accessed". By default, only the date is shown (without the time).

Show tooltips when hovering over report fields - When enabled, tooltips will appear when the user's mouse hovers over any part of a duplicate search report field. Note that these tooltips may contain additional information about the duplicate file entry in question (such as duplicate group summary information, etc.).

Automatically mark all but the first of each duplicate file group - When enabled, applies a default set of file markings when a duplicate file search process completes and results are shown.

Keep duplicate group entries together when sorting - By default, duplicate files will be clustered into groups at all times - even during sort operations. When disabled, sorting of duplicate results will be performed without regard to group membership - potentially resulting in duplicate file entries being scattered across the search result view. For this reason, duplicate group coloring and bordering are no longer applied. It is recommended that this option be left enabled unless you understand the implications of disabling it.

Hash encoding - Controls how file hash values are displayed within the duplicate search result report.